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from Catherine Ryan:

Children's Books with Cape Ann Ties 

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"My characters and locale (with one exception, Calico) I have chosen from what I have found about me. An engine on the Gloucester Branch of the Boston and Maine is the heroine of Choo Choo. 'Mary Ann', Mike Mulligan's steam shovel, I found digging the cellar of the new Gloucester High School. The Little House ©1942  [for which she received the Caldecott Medal in 1943] was inspired by the moving of our own house 'into the middle of a field with apple trees growing around,' and Katy and the Big Snow is the pride and joy of the Gloucester Highway Department."

-Virginia Lee Burton

look for them at the four libraries of Cape Ann or your local library

The Book Store of Gloucester can help you purchase 

Dogtown Books can help with rare editions

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